Collection: Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is the land of quaint villages, lush summer gardens, privet lined streets and colorful sunsets. It is an historic place documented by ancient houses and villages settled long ago. It is a seasonal place with its mad rush of summer visitors trying to take advantage of its magnificent beaches. The outer Cape is where I photograph most often. Provincetown, Wellfleet and Truro - names as rare as the towns themselves.

A virtual potpourri of fisherman, artists, and tourists in the summer gives way to a much starker, more barren landscape in the winter. It is the time of immense ocean storms which attract me to the Cape as much as the warm days and gentle breezes of summer. The tourists are gone and the Cape returns to itself. A land of extremes exists here. This is what holds my interest and why I photograph here.
Cape Cod, MA