Greg Nicolai

Greg Nicolai

Greg has been interested in photography ever since the early 90s while living in Boston. His first camera was a Pentax K-1000 film camera which he used to photograph city scenes and most of the people on the street. He developed a special interest in night photography relying on high-speed black and white films rather than a flash.

Photographing people is without a question Greg’s favorite type of photography and what he remembers most. Since he strives for candid photographs, the best moments are elusive, incredibly fleeting, and therefore the most challenging and rewarding.

Another area of interest to Greg is photographing the great blizzards which strike Cape Cod during the winter months. He will often walk the beaches during the height of these storms in conditions that defy the imagination. More than a few cameras have been sacrificed during these adventures but it is always worth the effort.

Today, Greg’s photography is made using digital cameras. Each camera and lens have a purpose with custom modes that can change very quickly. This gives him the option of switching very quickly between different situations that he often encounters. He photographs anything of interest regardless of the weather or time of day without restricting himself to a certain type of photography or genre. Forms, shapes, and patterns, no matter what the environment, are of special interest to him and often create the initial interest.

Spear Barn, Summer Sunrise by Greg Nicolai of Stowe garnered the most votes for the favorite photograph in the 2022 Green Mountain Photo Show. More than 200 ballots were filled and this one received more than any other photo by a 3:1 ratio. And it was sold and removed from the show before the last weekend. (See review of the photo show in this week's Valley Reporter.)

Valley Reporter

Rarely satisfied with the original image from the camera, Greg will often “build” a photograph to arrive at the most interesting composition. The intent is always to take the image from something that he saw, into something that he wished he had seen. He strives to produce images that present more like paintings or sketches as photographs. This illustrative, artistic component of photography is what intrigues him the most.

Greg did not consider himself a photographer until he started printing his photographs. For him, there is something about seeing something physical which completes the process and makes it much more rewarding.

Greg personally prints and then carefully inspects every photograph he sells in his shop. He has spent hundreds of hours testing papers and pigments and also refining his workflow and printing process. Greg has found that a few photographs look better on photo-quality paper, but most look better on museum-grade paper. He will choose whichever paper makes for a better print but you may request an archival/museum-grade paper if desired. All prints ordered through his shop will be printed to order, personally by Greg, to ensure the utmost quality and consistency.


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